WattIQ Cloud

The WattIQ Cloud paired with the ecosystem of location aware multi- sensory smart plugs and gateways, creates a seamless flow of real-time, cloud based data across the value chain. The intuitive cloud interface gives customers the power to self-configure installations and adapt them according to need – a full-stack solution for diverse enterprises.

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Monitoring your ROI

Users can configure the InteliNetwork to provide targeted, high-value information at a glance. The dashboard focuses on the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the business for both Asset Utilization and Energy Management. Trending the KPIs over customizable timeframes to continuously monitor your ROI. Immediately understand usage patterns of critical devices and find underutilized assets for redeployment. Health monitoring algorithms characterize expected device functionality and detect impending deice failure, preventing loss of valuable product and time. Identify opportunities for energy and demand reduction, implement energy management strategies through device scheduling and monitoring, and track savings in real time.

Automate Powering Down Devices

Save on your energy costs by scheduling assets to be powered down when not in use. After capturing a snapshot of baseline power consumption, set up on/off schedules for locations, equipment types, a combination of these, or even for individual assets. Easily apply exceptions to flexibly handle holiday calendars or other special events. Best of all, view your projected savings as you set up schedules and understand ways to lower your energy bill.

Configurable Alerts & Notifications

A flexible and extensible alerting system provides immediate notification of high-priority error conditions, as well as regular summary reports of system activity. Notifications and reports can be routed to email and SMS according to priority and content.

Rich APIs for push/pull integrations

Enterprise ecosystem integration is a critical part of delivering value to our customers and is supported through easy-to-use platform APIs. WattIQ provides RESTful APIs for device management and authenticated 3rd party sensor & enterprise data systems.

Unified Visibility & Control

The WattIQ Cloud provides the administrative control you need to handle enterprise installations. In addition to role-based access control over installation and socket control, the platform allows users to be assigned sets of assets and InteliSockets that they can view, report upon, and control. Each user can receive only the alerts they need to see.





Unified visibility and control of the entire deployment across multiple sites.


End-to-end SSL/TLS, native AES-128 encryption to sensors.

Easy Install

Rapid deployment with auto-detecting devices.

System Health

Automated system monitoring and alerts for uptime and data completeness.

3rd Party Integrations

Rich APIs for device management and authenticated 3rd party sensor & enterprise data.


High availability & reliability 99.999%. AWS multi-zone with on-premise date buffering for up to 8 hours in the event of network outage.

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