WattIQ for Pharma & Life Sciences

In today’s labs, IoT solutions are promising big changes, but lab managers are still fighting pervasive blind spots in critical data needed to make CapEx and OpEx decisions.  Unanswered questions about the utilization, health and location of valuable assets are prevalent throughout small and large labs. With hundreds of high value assets from disparate vendors, lab managers need unparalleled insight in order to optimize their asset management program.

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WattIQ Improves Daily Operations



Centralized view of the locations of all your stationary and mobile electrical devices.

Monitor Device Condition

Know the condition of the device and latest maintenance information before using the device.

Condition Based PM

Optimize service contracts based on usage.  Use maintenance and usage data to select models with optimal total cost of ownership.

Space Planning

Integrate asset utilization data into workflow planning and lab design.

Share Equipment

Schedule work based on peak usage times and determine equipments needs based on hourly usage patterns.

Smarter Alerts

Avoid alert fatigue by creating smarter alerts based on multiple sensor data streams.

Typical Applications in Labs

WattIQ’s device health monitoring and usage data benefits pharma and life sciences customers by allowing them to:

  • Maximize the use of their highest value assets
  • Optimize scheduling of shared assets
  • Minimize underutilization & purchases of new assets
  • Determine optimal time to replace vs repair aging equipment
  • Optimize service contracts of assets on preventative maintenance
  • Automate alerts to critical assets turning off either due to failure or being unplugged

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