An asset intelligence platform that monitors the pulse of your electrical devices.

Every electrical device in your building continues to consume energy, even when theyare not in use. What if you could unlock device level energy data to know when your assets are at work, when they might be failing or ready to be turned-off to save some energy?

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As plug loads take up more and more of the energy we use throughout our organization, finding a way to collect and synthesize useful data on the thousands of plugged in devices across our district seemed like a daunting task. We were thrilled to see how easy the WattIQ system was to set up and Installing and commissioning our WattIQ system has been a fun and swift process. I am not only excited to see the energy savings the system will generate, but also to see our stakeholders engage with energy management.

Isaac Knipfing, Utility and Sustainability Specialist at San Mateo Community College District