Asset Intelligence

In a single pane view, WattIQ delivers intelligence into individual device usage along with location and device condition to enable the shared asset economy across the enterprise. 

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Device Utilization

WattIQ algorithms can analyze power signatures of any device or manufacturer to determine utilization.

Device Condition

Using a combination of power and other sensors, WattIQ algorithms detect anomalies and prevent impending device failure.

Device Location

Location of device based on either ZigBee mesh or BLE with existing network infrastructure.

Utilization Patterns

Understand utilization patterns by location, type of equipment, and even individual device. Optimize your asset sharing and maintenance by scheduling work based on usage patterns.  Service providers can optimize service level and staffing based on capacity and peak usage times.  Integrate the data into workspace planning.

Summary Statistics

Aggregated utilization data provides the insight needed to transition to usage based maintenance contracts. Get a comprehensive view of total cost of ownership vs utilization and benchmark OEMs.  Identify under-utilized assets which can be redeployed to avoid capital expenditures elsewhere and over-utilized assets which have become a bottleneck to your business and processes.

Condition Monitoring

WattIQ detects equipment which is failing or showing signs that repair or maintenance is necessary. Anomaly detection algorithms isolate misbehaving devices and warn you of problems, before equipment fails completely and disrupts important processes or valuable assets.

“WattIQ is by far the best plug load monitor and control I have ever used. The online interface is easy and intuitive and totally customizable, which makes the back end analysis much easier.”

Miles Topping, Office of Sustainability, Dir. of Energy Management