Freezer Monitoring

Manufacturer agnostic solution that combines energy usage data along with data on temperature and door openings for the most robust enterprise wide way to monitor all your refrigerated assets.

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Using a combination of power and other sensors, WattIQ algorithms detect anomalies and prevent impending device failure.


Real-time monitoring of temperatures ranging from -200C to +200C with advanced alert functions.

Door Sensor

Door open and close events monitored in real-time allowing for duration tracking and alerting.

Smarter Alerting

Existing alerting solutions often lead to “alert fatigue” when the monitoring solution cannot distinguish between “normal” operations and abnormal conditions. This leads to ignoring alerts when they occur, which is dangerous. WattIQ fuses data from multiple sensors and uses the entire time series from sensors to distinguish normal operation from operational problems or declining asset health, creating actionable intelligence without alert fatigue.

Anomaly Detection

WattIQ detects equipment which is failing or showing signs that repair or maintenance is necessary. Anomaly detection algorithms isolate misbehaving devices and warn you of problems, before equipment fails completely and disrupts important processes or valuable assets.

Energy Efficiency

Ultra Low Temperature freezers can consume as much energy in a single day as an average family household. These devices run 24/7 and their energy efficiency can be influenced by their age, ambient temperature and maintenance. WattIQ can monitor the efficiency of devices across any make or model. Gain insight into the most energy efficient models and enable data drive repairs vs. replacement decisions.

The implementation happened during Shelter in Place (SIP).  WattIQ was able to remotely build and set up our very detailed floor plan and ship the gateways and plugs with detailed instructions on how to install successfully.  Internally we experienced delays in IT support, due to SIP, and activate some of our ethernet jacks.  WattIQ quickly deployed the mobile hotspots to get us up and running while we awaited IT support to provide us with several weeks of baseline data.

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