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WattIQ Announces Vendor Agnostic Freezer Condition Monitoring Solution


From the latest vaccine technologies to high value samples in Life Sciences, the need for having confidence in monitoring your fleet of refrigerated devices is greater than ever. Existing solutions traditionally only monitor temperature and door openings which tend to be more reactive than proactive.  The lack of insight on the reliability, efficiency and temperature stability across a fleet of freezers results in unplanned failure, loss of irreplaceable product and excess redundancy in the fleet.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of a new solution to monitor the condition of Freezers & Refrigerators by combining energy usage data along with data on temperature and door openings.  Building on the original application of WattIQ’s power monitoring solution that provided insight into energy efficiency over the life of a freezer, the expanded solution now offers insights into freezers with the best reliability, fastest recovery times, best efficiency and lowest cost of ownership across any make or model. 

Take the guesswork out of the safest freezer for your samples and power your procurement decisions with data.

Customer Story
One of our National Laboratory Customers was able to avoid an unplanned freezer failure on a Fisher Scientific 20FREEFSA refrigerator during the pandemic.  Shortly after the lockdowns began, at a time when most non-essential staff began working remotely, an anomaly in the power consumption for this freezer was detected.   The graphs below show the significant  increase in energy usage that was detected over a few months along with longer compression cycles.  The lab manager was notified of the potential for failure and the freezer was replaced in July 2020.

“I appreciate you sharing these energy use charts – they really tell the story here.  After seeing these, I agree that the fridge should be checked out a little more closely. We wouldn’t have identified this issue without your monitoring. Thank you for reaching out when you spotted the anomaly!”Lab Manager, National Laboratory


The WattIQ Freezer Monitoring Solution at a Glance:

  • Works seamlessly with WattIQ’s Asset Utilization solution or as a stand alone solution
  • Supports freezers up to 240V 20A
  • Temperature Monitoring Range -200C to +200C
  • Magnetic Door Sensor
  • USB Powered

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