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Eoin O'Halloran

As the life sciences world begins facing new challenges of getting people back to work while adjusting to shifting stop gap measures to align with social distancing and lock-downs, the one size fits all approach just has not worked. While critical experiments need to continue, finding the balance of staggered shifts, work space planning and ensuring equipment will be available are top on the list of things to tackle for the months ahead. In this blog, we discuss how the availability of equipment usage data is helping lab operations ensure the equipment fleet is optimized to support a 24/7 schedule.

Recently, a client shared that they had to decide if additional centrifuges needed to be procured to support a staggered work schedule. They needed to understand not only the average utilization of their existing fleet over the last 30 days but also the usage patterns so the productivity of the scientists isn’t impacted. Fortunately, the specific types of centrifuges were being monitored and the data was just a few clicks away. We were able to validate that not only were there sufficient numbers already available, but two devices out of five in a single location had not even been used for over 30 days. The usage heat-map also showed that these devices weren’t typically used on a Friday and it would be a good time to schedule any planned maintenance.

Historically, a lot of the focus around understanding asset utilization was limited to the very high value equipment because they were the most expensive to procure. However, the pandemic has forced unconventional work schedules, workspace planning and highlighted the need for data for all classes of equipment. Having the data accessible to the teams coordinating the lab operations as well as security, health and safety and HR planners is paramount to success.

WattIQ has several key advantages to give insights to your equipment fleet. Getting access to the data is simple and with over 700 makes and models being monitored it truly is device agnostic. The approach of using a simple “smart plug” style device to capture utilization without having to integrate or intrude on the physical devices themselves also makes it one of the fastest to deploy and provides the largest data set in the smallest device. To learn more or to understand how your specific strategy to get back to work can benefit contact today.

Eoin O'Halloran

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