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Disruptive IoT Solution from WattIQ Turns Smart Plugs into Data Mines


June 16, 2020 08:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time
SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–What if you could mine data from every electrical device in your lab, school, or building just by plugging it in? WattIQ today announces the commercial availability of the first scalable, enterprise-grade IoT solution for asset utilization and condition monitoring built around smart plugs. Now, enterprises can monitor device utilization, health, and location of assets simply by plugging into WattIQ’s network of connected smart plugs.

Disruptive IoT solution from @WattIQio turns smart plugs into data mines; offers insight into asset utilization and the true cost of ownership to optimize CapEx and OpEx.

WattIQ’s low-touch solution gets assets connected to the network in just minutes. Within 60 seconds of being connected, power data for the asset is visible, and actionable insights are available within 24 hours. It is also possible to pilot or fully deploy the technology without the need to invite WattIQ onsite.

The WattIQ system is both manufacturer- and device type-agnostic and can scale from tens to thousands of assets within a building or across multiple sites. The centralized dashboard enables easy management of the smart plugs, as well as insights from an individual asset to an aggregated asset class or department view.

WattIQ’s insights into asset utilization and the true cost of ownership makes it possible to optimize CapEx and OpEx by redeploying under-utilized assets, moving to usage-based maintenance and asset sharing. The added benefit of proactive asset health monitoring prevents unplanned failures, protecting the enterprise’s science and products.

Since its founding, WattIQ has been an established partner in helping life sciences, higher education, and commercial real estate facilities improve sustainability through energy management. Now, its expanded smart plug-based IoT solution is mining and transforming the value of energy data to give organizations unparalleled insight into their asset utilization at low cost and with minimal disruption.

Priya Vijayakumar, CEO, WattIQ: “We are building on our roots in energy management at the device level to enable an even bigger sustainability impact by eliminating the waste from severe underutilization of billions of assets. By addressing the pervasive blind spots that still exist in many industries – how often are all our assets being used and when? Are we paying for maintenance on equipment that is rarely used? Which manufacturer has the optimal cost of ownership vs utilization? Could I monitor the health of my devices in a cost-effective way? WattIQ is today enabling customers in the life sciences, higher education and commercial real estate businesses to reimagine their asset sharing, procurement, maintenance and monitoring.”

Luis Rodriguez, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, RENOVO SOLUTIONS:“Partnering with WattIQ removes some of the blind spots we’ve had with regard to asset utilization data. Now, we are able to help our customers lower the total cost of ownership of their equipment and make smarter capital equipment purchasing decisions. We work with every make, model, and type of equipment on the market, so the fact WattIQ’s asset utilization solution is device and vendor-neutral adds a whole other layer of value to our partnership, something that also benefits our customers tremendously.”

Lab Operations at a WattIQ customer: “The implementation happened during Shelter in Place (SIP). WattIQ was able to remotely build and set up our very detailed floor plan and ship the gateways and plugs with detailed instructions on how to install successfully. Internally, we experienced delays in IT support, due to SIP, and activated some of our ethernet jacks. WattIQ quickly deployed the mobile hotspots to get us up and running while we awaited IT support to provide us with several weeks of baseline data.”

About WattIQ:
WattIQ, formerly known as Ibis Networks, is the only enterprise-grade IoT solution that connects thousands of unconnected electrical assets, making it possible for the first time to monitor utilization, health, safety, and location using a single device, the smart plug. The data generated helps customers in pharma, biotech, and other industries to enable asset sharing, make critical procurement and maintenance contract decisions, prevent unplanned device failures, and protect valuable products and science. For more information, visit WattIQ at and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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