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Partnering to elevate our standard of excellence


By Luis Rodriguez, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at RENOVO SOLUTIONS

At RENOVO SOLUTIONS, we are committed to continuous improvement and see the opportunity to leverage asset utilization and condition data across all device classes to provide a more comprehensive lab equipment support program. We are excited to partner with WattIQ to remove some of the blind spots we have had with asset utilization data. We cannot lower total cost of ownership, or make additional capital equipment purchasing decisions or recommendations, without having equipment usage data.

Some of the ways we see data enabling us to provide more value to our customers include:

Assigning and delivering the correct level of entitlements/maintenance based on equipment usage and being proactive about maintenance to prevent unplanned downtime. Predictive maintenance is the future, and that will be based on asset usage, environment, and application.

Frequency and time of usage enables us to optimally service equipment with minimal disruption to the customer and their planned workload. Data allows is to schedule technicians to be available during peak usage times for troubleshooting and repairs, and schedule PMs during non-peak and/or slower usage times.

Helping customers and procurement transition from a “want” to a “need” basis for equipment and consumable procurement, based on usage data for improved capital investment planning. Having usage data can also help customers to be creative in developing “open access” systems whereas end users and researchers can share costly systems such as chromatography and mass spectrometers.

Providing a comprehensive picture of the total cost of ownership requires data about equipment utilization to make informed decisions about selecting the optimal makes and models of devices, the required maintenance, and the consumables necessary for operating.

Enabling our customers to be cost effective in procuring the right equipment, installing it in the optimal location for greater efficiency, and maintaining it properly for optimal total cost of ownership and productivity are possible through our partnership with WattIQ, increasing the standard of excellence we practice at RENOVO SOLUTIONS.

Louis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at RENOVO SOLUTIONS, a company with more than 31 years’ experience in healthcare, biotech, life science research, and technology businesses. Customers range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, such as Beckman Coulter, General Electric, and Thermo Fisher Scientific. RENOVO SOLUTIONS provides research, life science and healthcare technology management solutions to help reduce costs, increase quality, and improve equipment performance in life science, academic, and research facilities nationwide.


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