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Asset intelligence in a touchless world

Eoin O'Halloran

As a salesperson, the global pandemic has had an enormous impact on how I do my job. Basically, with restricted travel and limited facility access, I’m grounded. And chances are it will be a while before I can hit the road again, even as some aspects of normalcy fall back into place. Without in-person visits, you’re probably wondering, “how can it be possible for my company to test the WattIQ* solution?”

One of the things that makes WattIQ’s asset intelligence solution a perfect option for our current times is how simple it is to set up, during the pilot, little or even no involvement from IT is needed as we don’t need to get on the internal network and the equipment to be monitored is simply plugged into the smart plug. We continue to provide this simplicity even during full deployment and most recently we did a fully remote deployment for an R&D lab on the west coast.  In fact, since the ability to pilot our enterprise-grade smart plugs is free, lab managers do not even need to wait for the next round of budget approvals or hassle with PO paperwork. Just let us know what you need and we will ship our technology to your door.

The implementation happened during Shelter in Place (SIP).  WattIQ was able to remotely build and set up our very detailed floor plan and ship the gateways and plugs with detailed instructions on how to install successfully.  Internally we experienced delays in IT support, due to SIP, and activate some of our Ethernet jacks.  WattIQ quickly deployed the mobile hotspots to get us up and running while we awaited IT support to provide us with several weeks of baseline data.” …Lab Operations, Biotech Customer

In these uncertain times, it’s critical to operate efficiently and safely. With that in mind, WattIQ makes it possible to start right away without the need for us ever entering your facility and within minutes of plugging in you can get actionable data about asset utilization, health, safety, and location using a single device, the smart plug. Even the data accrued during the pilot can lead to early decisions about asset usage, procurement, and maintenance requirements, and cost.

Please visit our website at and read how our IoT solution for the enterprise can connect thousands of your unconnected electrical assets. Our technology is both device- and manufacturer-agnostic, eliminating the concern about equipment compatibility.

If you’d still like a more personal touch, I am happy to video chat with you about our secure, reliable solution, customer experiences, and the best way to get started to generate asset intelligence in a touchless world. You can reach me at

*formally known as Ibis Networks

Eoin O'Halloran

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