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Can you share lab equipment if there is an interruption to your supply chain?

Todd Mirzaian

Ibis Networks is helping the Bio-Pharma industry monitor the utilization of critical lab equipment by deploying their smart plug technology. The simple plug-n-play devices do not require modification to existing lab instruments and works across all manufacturers. Secure, reliable and easy access to cloud-based data enables lab operations and material managers to identify usage and idle times for all their lab equipment allowing them to schedule available times to share assets.

Ibis Networks is offering a free 30-day “Ship and Plug” solution to monitor a single class of assets. Now more than ever, you need to make the best decisions to maintain the continuity of lab operations. Unlock hidden data within minutes and make smarter decisions based on actual usage information.

Todd Mirzaian

Todd is WattIQ's Director of Client Engagement and comes with over 20 years of experience providing high-tech solutions in the world of innovation and technology. He has worked across a broad range of technology sectors including large-scale RFID/RTLS, satellite connectivity and asset management solutions.

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